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What our audiences had to say...

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in our 'feedback forms' at our plays, and thank you to those who kindly emailed us to comment on our productions and those who commented on Facebook & Twitter. Here are just some of them... 

Easy Money (December 2016)
"Just back from a fab performance at Methley. Big thanks to Planet Rabbit for a brilliant evening" (Facebook)
"Another great production. 'Easy Money' was very entertaining & an enjoyable evening indeed! Well done everyone! xXx"
"As always, great fun and a good laugh from Planet Rabbit". (Brough)
"What a fantastic night!! We all really enjoyed it!! So talented and absolutely hilarious!!! Xxx" (Heywood)
"Wonderful time this afternoon. Very entertaining and funny. X" (Heywood)
"Best one I've seen. Excellent production" (Brough)
"Really enjoyed the high quality production. We would very much like to see more in this vicinity" (Heywood)
"Lovely as usual. Very funny, well acted" (Heywood)

Passing Strangers (December 2015)
"It was absolutely fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Roll on your next trip to Halifax." (Halifax)
"Excellent, bravo" (Halifax)
"A very enjoyable evening, funny & entertaining" (Brough)
"Well done folks, excellent performance, great play." (Brough)
"Excellent show last night well done everyone" (Bury)
"Excellent - good script, well acted" (Filey)
"Had a great night in Whitby" (Whitby)
"Enjoyed @planetrabbit Passing Strangers in Whitby last night. Great script + great performances = great show." (Twitter)

Star Makers (October 2015)
"Brilliant!" (Methley)
"Last night's performance was really good. We all enjoyed it . Well done all of you." (Ellerker)
"I went the second night and thoroughly enjoyed the show and excellent performances by all the cast." (Methley)
"Excellent performance & well acted. Very enjoyable" (Methley)
"Great tonight, as always, well done to you all " (Bury)
"It was brilliant!"
"Extremely funny; brilliantly written"
"Still chuckling remembering Star Makers last night. Go see it. #bellylaughs" (Twitter)
"See it if you can! Only 2 shows left. It's amazing" (Twitter)
"Excellent play by @planetrabbit tonight! Star makers is so funny! A must see" (Twitter)


An Evening with Duggie Brown (August-October 2014)
"The actor and comedian Duggie Brown truly entertained a very appreciative full house 'Upstairs at The Swan' last night. After more than 5 decades in show business his genuine love of comedy and connecting with an audience was very apparent. A cheering positive evening was had by all. Thank you to Duggie and Claire from Planet Rabbit for coming to Dobcross."
"Had a lovely evening really enjoyed it" (Dobcross)
"Absolute treat to see legendary @duggiebrown on stage tonight @TheSwanDobcross #realcomedy #fullhouse" (Twitter)

Blitz Bride the Musical (August 2014)
"Well ... "Blitz Bride the Musical" has been brilliant this evening! Already a captivating tale, it's been enhanced with great music, songs to tug at the heartstrings or that make you chuckle out loud (even as you're trying desperately not to miss the next line), and everything performed by a dazzling team. Loved it, from the moment the lights dimmed all the way through to the heartwarming end. Well done, everyone :) xx" (Goole)
"It was a fabulous show. Would recommend to anyone. Well done all of you. And what a special treat for the real Blitz Bride in the audience x" (Goole)
"Ahhh I have just come back from watching the lovely Blitz Bride really enjoyed it. Wish I had taken my 12 year old daughter I am sure she would have loved it too. Thank you and keep doing what your doing" (Goole)
"First Class performance at Goole tonight, thoroughly enjoyed the production, Well Done." (Goole)
"It was a lovely performance last night. Well done to all the cast (and stage crew!) The songs really enhanced a lovely story" (Hornsea)
"Fantastic show! Thank you so much. It was lovely to see everybody joining in with the songs. My 90 year old mum loved it, and so did I!!" (Glossop)
"Brilliant acting & dancing. Everything in keeping with 1940s. Thoroughly enjoyed" (Glossop)
"Fantastic! And wonderful to hear the oldies singing along" (Glossop)
"Very well done. Enjoyed it. Loved the plot, music, clothes, props, etc - especially Rover" (Glossop)
"Excellent company. Great enthusiasm by all the cast" (Glossop)
"Thought is was brilliant - best thing I've seen in ages!" (Bridlington)
"A really good show. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Brill" (Bridlington)
"Very entertaining, full of fun & happy memories - great!" (Filey)
"What a talented and versatile cast of actors, who all worked so hard. Pity Rover couldn't have done the same!" (Filey)
"Well performed, excellent script, lots of laughs. However, acting from Rover was a bit wuff!!!!" (Filey) 
"Very entertaining. Good old fashioned songs and amusement" (Filey)
"Very amusing and true to life in the forties. Very well performed" (Filey)
"Very impressed with this production" (Filey)
"Great voices. Made me laugh out loud. Older members of the audience enjoyed joining in with the singing" (Bawtry)
"Bloody brilliant Blitz Bride show tonight @planetrabbit. Hilarious & moving with fine performances and stunning voices. Incredible!" (Twitter)
"Planet Rabbit's production of Blitz Bride last night in Bridlington was brilliant and the music was incredible! What a great show #theatre" (Twitter)
"Blitz Bride the musical @TheSwanDobcross is brill. Telling anyone who will listen bout Blitz Bride @planetrabbit @TheSwanDobcross last night #talentedladies awesome brought a tear to our eyes. Filey doesn't know how lucky it is, could easily watch again tonight we loved it" (Twitter)
"Blitz Bride: The Musical by @planetrabbit was superb. All original songs, true stories told with warmth & humour. Deserves to be seen." (Twitter)
"@planetrabbit hope rest of tour goes as well as tonight, thoroughly enjoyed it. Well written and performed- Well Done to everyone" (Twitter)
"Blitzbridethemusical was a first class show tonight" (Twitter)

A Little In Tents" (April & September 2014)
"It was brilliant yet again, well done everyone and thankyou for a great performance :)" (Glossop)
"A good play with some tragicomedy. Excellent acting & stage control" (Glossop)
"Excellent. Very funny, moving and well acted. It has put me off camping for life! Only joking" (Hornsea)
"What 4 people can do! Entertaining. Well Done" (Hornsea)
"Extremely well presented, actors very good. Excellent performance" (Hornsea)
"It sounded funny & a bit different - wasn't disappointed!! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole play - full of admiration for actors in 'close-up' acting" (Northallerton)
"Very well acted with some lovely moments" (Northallerton)
"Thanks for a great show - so funny :-)" (Bury)
"An excellent ensemble piece with great comic moments & running the gamut of emotions" (Filey)
"Very funny - clever - enjoyed it v. much" (Filey)
"2 hours of truth, memories and pathos. I enjoyed it!!" (Beverley)
"Great night at Gainsborough watching "A Little in Tents". Fab acting from all. And belly laughs galore. Well done @planetrabbit. And everyone 5star" (Twitter)
"Another entertaining production by @planetrabbit @themet tonight. Well written and well performed. I want to watch it again!" (Twitter)
"Yet again, another strong play from Claire Spratt at Planet Rabbit, funny, poignant, and a great cast. "A Little In Tents" was top notch!" (Twitter)


Just Like Anthea (September 2013)
"Fab show, very funny & drew me in from the first scene" (Knaresborough)
"Very good, funny and enjoyable evening" (Knaresborough)
"Excellent, funny & convincing" (Leeds)
"Loved the play & characters - little close to the bone at times! I am pre-Anthea Debs! Paula = great character" (Leeds)
"Funny, emotional, excellent characterisation" (Leeds)
"Very entertaining. Hope to see you all again" (Filey)
"Excellent acting. We hope Planet Rabbit will return to Filey again" (Filey)
"Very good comedy, actors did well" (Buxton)
"Loved it. Excellent. Thank you" (Buxton)
"Very enjoyable. Wonderful rapport between Debbie & Terry" (Beverley)
"Most enjoyable. Funny. True to life" (Beverley)
"Thoroughly enjoy these plays & glad to attend when local. The small cast are brilliant. Mirror ordinary people living ordinary lives. Wonderful dialogue. Mirrors every day domestic attitudes/responses perfectly. Thought provoking, meaningful, flamin' 'eck, it was" (Beverley)
"Such an enjoyable evening. A play with a message - plus a lot of witty lines" (Beverley)
"We thoroughly enjoyed the play. It was hilarious and even made me think I maybe need to see Anthea's DVD!  The actors amazed me just how they held everyone's attention and remembering their lines for two hours. We look forward to the next play". (Whitby)
"Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you" (Bridlington)
"Hilarious - but scary how close to my own life it is!" (Glossop)
"Brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it, well done" (Glossop)

One Sunny Day (July 2013)
"An enjoyable evening. Refreshing play. Gentle humour" (Greetland)
"Captured the spirit of the time" (Greetland)
"Was fabulous - we loved it" (Greetland)
"Thank you for another very happy evening,  I enjoyed every minute, and the actors were so good" (Ellerker)
"The cast worked very hard" (Ellerker)
"We loved it" (Glossop)
"Very enjoyable, gentle comedy" (Dobcross)
"It was very funny...really enjoyed it" (Grassington)
"Lovely, gentle little play - excellent actors. Enjoyed very much" (Grassington)
"What a lovely show!" (Grassington)
"Fab night!! Come back again" (Grassington)
"Fantastic play! Well done" (Buxton)
"Loved it - thank you" (Buxton)


Mrs York's Shelter (May/June 2013)
"Fabulous, very funny, heart warming, evoking many happy memories spent with my grandparents talking about WWII. Superb. Thank you" (Heywood)
"Loved it - and the added factor was being so close to the actors as it was performed in a living room (albeit a large one!!)" (Heywood)
"Wonderful time again" (Heywood)
"It was very funny. Brilliant. Well done to all" (Heywood)
"Very good, very funny" (Greetland)
"I could watch it all again straight away, loved it" (Dobcross)
"Brilliant!!" (Dobcross)
"Enjoyed it very much, thank you. Loved the dogs - so full of life! Lovely to have a sing song at the end" (Ramsbottom)
"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Only show that has given me an indication of bombs going off when in a shelter. Lived up to my expectation" (Ellerker)
"Light hearted, appealing, good old fashioned uplifting humour" (Ellerker)
"Excellent, poignant & funny. Definitely come again" (Ellerker)
"Absolutely brilliant, loved every single minute of it" (Methley)
"It was brilliant. Genius" (Methley)


A Little In Tents (September-October 2012)
"Excellent. Glad we came. Will come when you're here again" (Delph)
"It's a belter!" (Delph)
"Absolutely brilliant!" (Delph)
"Very good indeed" (Delph)
"Great fun" (Grassington)
"A good laugh. Excellent" (Whitby)
"A brilliantly written piece with a very strong cast. Very funny show, well worth going to see" (Whitby)

"Great show" (Whitby)
"Excellent comedy without the need for strong language" (Knaresborough)
"Such an enjoyable evening. Thank you so much" (Knaresborough)
"Very good, very enjoyable" (Knaresborough)
"Well worth the money!! Nostalgic too! Very enjoyable" (Brough)
"Brilliant. Managed to incorporate incredibly poignant moments with great emotional depth & yet still produce a really funny show"
"It was absolutely brilliant & we loved every second of it"
"Well worth seeing, great comedy"
"Couldn't recommend it more, funny script played out by an excellent cast"
"Another exciting event. How talented you all are. Roll on the next one. Great music too" (Cherry Burton)
"Fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable, superb acting & great play. Thank you" (Buxton)
"Fabulous. Great script, super timing, great cast" (Buxton)
"Really funny throughout. Well written, great cast, thoroughly enjoyed" (Buxton)
"Excellent cast & funny production" (Buxton)
"Entertaining. Really enjoyed. Excellent acting & pace" (Buxton)


I Want To Hold Your Hand (June-July 2012)
"Brilliant. Thank you for coming" (Whitby)
"A wonderful, wonderful evenings entertainment! I laughed myself silly" (Whitby)
"Delightful, fresh, funny, nostalgic, authentic" (Buxton)
"Highly entertaining! Excellent" (Buxton)
"Great entertainment, storyline & acting" (Buxton)
"Very well structured. Lots of subtle touches, genuinely funny. Outstanding" (Glossop)
"Well produced & direction clear & easily understood" (Glossop)
"Excellent" (Glossop)
"Lovely bit of nostalgia" (Delph)
"Loved the set & music. Great props" (Delph)
"The concert was an absolute hoot!" (Brough)
"Liked the set - most of it could have been from my Grans!" (Brough)
"Good storyline. Ingenious use of props!" (Brough)
"Having just seen your production in Greetland this evening, I really felt compelled to drop you a line to congratulate you on a wonderful rendering of the early 60's. I was mesmerised and emotionally moved by some of the memories triggered by your play. Specifically the banter between the Mother and the Grandma, which was SO real that I found myself lost in the performance on more than one occasion (I even had goose bumps by the Mothers reaction to the JFK news... That was SO well acted). As a regular supporter of independent productions, I have rarely seen such well performed roles, and would like you to express my appreciation to the ladies concerned and of course to the whole production team."

Blitz Bride (May-October 2012)
"Pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening" (Haworth)
"The dog was absolutely wonderful, had me in stitches. Very good" (Haworth)
"Fantastic - what fun. Loved every moment. We had a dog just like Rover as children!! (Glossop)
"Wonderful!! I wished I had brought my elderly aunt, she would have loved it" (Glossop)
"FANTASTIC. We will be seeing you in Greetland next! (Glossop)
"Super comedy, very impressive" (Glossop)
"Excellent" (Northallerton)
"Fun to watch and played with enthusiasm" (Delph)
"Excellent show. Myself & my husband really enjoyed it. Wished it could be longer! (Lytham)
"Really good" (Heywood)


Still Life (December 2011)
"Just wanted to say what a fantastic evening myself and my family had at your production...The casting was superb and made it captivating to watch. This is the first production I have seen since my childhood, but am inspired now to re enter the world of theatre! well done!! (Methley)
"It was fab! Very imaginative with the staging. Great acting & beautifully moving." (Methley)
"Captured the era perfectly." (Methley)
"Excellent - loved it...great performance...thank you!!" (Methley)
"Terrific production, wonderful night, lovely venue." (Methley)
"Such a lovely concept! Nothing like this afternoon in Canada! Thank you!" (Greetland)
"Excellently played in a simple way." (Greetland)
"Loved it! Thank you" (Greetland)
"Very enjoyable and moving." (Heywood)
"Great performance...Thank you all." (Grassington)
"Not seen anything like this before, thoroughly enjoyed it. Going home now to watch DVD Brief Encounter" (Cherry Burton)
"Great! We really enjoyed it. More please." (Cherry Burton)
"Excellent conception of dressed 'radio' reading with on stage SFX. Enjoyed the singing links. Emotion & comedy brought wonderfully to life - really good evening. Congratulations all." (Cherry Burton)
"Have seen Planet Rabbit before and v. much enjoyed. Super set. V. professional & convincing acting." (Cherry Burton)
"I've been really excited about coming tonight. It was great! Didn't want it to end. Super props & costumes too." (Cherry Burton)
"Excellent - very authentic props. Well acted." (Cherry Burton)
"Excellent - very well presented - will come again" (Pickering)
"The cocoa & mince pie was a nice touch. Very touching. Excellent sound effects" (Haworth)
(attracted to this play)"because the previous play was so very good. Not disappointed as this play was excellent too - really enjoyed the format, etc." (Denshaw)

Blitz Bride (July-October 2011)
"Just to say how much I enjoyed Blitz Bride in Whitby this week. A wonderfully nostalgic theme - loved the inspiration for this - combined with he humour - my favourite being the dog and the birth scenes - and superb acting. All three actors were brilliantly cast and the calibre of performances was of an extremely high level, much better than most other touring companies I have seen. The tea and scones was a great idea. Above all you all seemed to really enjoy it. Thank you for a great afternoon's entertainment." (Whitby)
"Excellent" (Whitby)
"Excellent, great fun!!" (Grassington)
"Very enjoyable. Performances all very good - particularly Rover! Great script" (Grassington)
"Really enjoyed it, thank you all" (Grassington)
"Fantastic performance, thoroughly enjoyed the whole show" (Haworth)
"OUTSTANDING!!! As good as, if not better than, West End shows I have attended. Superb cast & characters!!" (Haworth)
"Just a fabulous show - loved the idea that it was based on truth - thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance & sing-song!" (Haworth)
"Absolutely fabulous!" (Haworth
"Absolutely brilliant. Well done to all of you. Knocked the Noel Coward we saw at Hull New Theatre yesterday into a tin hat. Can't stress how brilliant & funny you all were" (Cherry Burton)
"Brilliant - thoroughly enjoyable. Loved the sing-song. All very talented - WELL DONE!!" (Cherry Burton)
"Brilliant performance, loved every minute!" (Cherry Burton)
"This was absolutely brilliant" (Greetland)
"Brilliant, great show - well done" (Greetland)
"Very well presented. Loved Rover, I have one living in my loft" (Pickering)
"Very well done by all. Excellent" (Denshaw)
"Great show, all actors worked really hard & were very good" (Denshaw)
"Just brilliant. Brought tears to my eyes" (Brough)
"Very funny, marvellous acting. Well done Claire" (Brough)
"A lovely nostalgic play, thank you" (Holmfirth)
"Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you. Hope you visit the area again" (Holmfirth)
"Excellent performance, very talented ladies, lots of laughs & a very enjoyable evening! Thank you!" (Buxton)
"This was a really excellent play, performed beautifully. Will recommend to others" (Buxton)
"Hello. Just wanted to congratulate everyone for a really enjoyable performance of Blitz Bride last night at the United Reformed Church in Buxton.  Excellent script, beautifully performed with well-timed comic delivery by the polished cast (including Reginald of course!) and all the more effective for its basis in fact. The atmosphere was created well by the wartime film and music, not to mention the very welcome tea and scones! And the birth scene...will live long in the memory...The sing-song at the end rounded it off deserved to be a sell-out. I'll certainly recommend it and the company to anyone" (Buxton)
"May I say once again how much we all enjoyed your play, please remember us if you are coming back to Buxton again next year" (Private booking, Buxton)  

Small Portions (July 2011)
"GREAT - very entertaining, amazing performances. Well done!" (Buxton)
"Excellent playlets - funny - poignant - cast excellent too" (Buxton)
"Enjoyed it very much" (Buxton)
"Good fun, well acted" (Buxton)
"Absolutely brilliant" (Buxton)
"Great stuff, we've seen you before & we'll see you again." (Buxton)
"Could relate to each short play, superb dialogue, well done all" (Buxton)


Star Makers...Confessions from the Boards (October 2010)
"Excellent production" (Whitby)
"Really enjoyed it, very good" (Whitby)
"Loved it!" (Saltburn)
"Excellent, well done" (Saltburn)
"Very funny" (Pickering)
"Very good, thank you" (Bridlington)
"My favourite Planet Rabbit show so far" (Tadcaster)
"Fab characters - really believable. Can't wait for the next production!" (Brough)
"Please let me know when you are visiting again" (Brough)
"Gerbils! Loved it!!" (Brough)
"Soooo funny!!!! Never stopped laughing!!! Thanks for a great night" (Norland)
"Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you" (Norland)
"Great show, well done" (Glossop)
"Really enjoyed the show, well done everyone" (Glossop)
"Extremely well acted, funny, versatile cast. I would come to another production by the company" (Buxton)
"Extremely enjoyable. Would like to see another production" (Buxton)
"Excellent play" (Buxton)
"It had something to say...Kerry Ann was lovely" (Buxton)
"Excellent. Well performed. Can recommend it" (Buxton)
"Suzi is an absurd character - but I know someone just like her!" (Buxton)
"Enjoyed the show. Lovely performances. Excellent" (Buxton)
"A warm entertaining show, brilliant acting - thank you" (Buxton)

Elsie & Norm's Macbeth (June 2010)
"Hilarious. Exceptionally written & performed" (Glossop)
"Thoroughly enjoyed it" (Glossop)
"A very funny performance. Congratulations to all involved" (Burley)
"Excellent" (Brough)
"Very witty, good entertainment" (Tadcaster)
"Absolute treat! Well done! (Tadcaster)
"What a treat. Absolutely brilliant" (Tadcaster)
"Very enjoyable" (Tadcaster)
"Very enjoyable!" (Pickering)
"Exceeded expectations. A really fun evening - please come again!" (Saltburn)
"Hilarious" (Saltburn)
"Excellent, brilliant entertainment" (Bridlington)
"Hilarious!" (Bridlington)


Sorry, I Love You...(March 2010)
"Delightful. Beautifully produced and performed - well done. Looking forward to the next production" (Brough)
"If a play gets me to suspend belief it's good, this one did. Great soundtrack" (Tadcaster)
"Loved the play. All actors very good" (Tadcaster)
"A very enjoyable evening. Very well done" (Bridlington)
"A very good performance" (Bridlington)
"Excellent" (Bridlington)
"Very good and well performed" (Whitby)
"Thoroughly enjoyed it" (Saltburn)
"Excellent performance" (Pickering)


Nightwatch (October 2009)
"A great, light comedy. Pleasing to watch with good delivery from actors" (Milton Keynes)
"A very enjoyable piece" (Milton Keynes)
"Excellent play, fantastic dialogue & very entertaining to watch" (Milton Keynes)


Bazaar & Rummage (September 2009)
"First class performance. Will come again if ever play at Tadcaster. Singing fab. In all, first class entertainment" (Tadcaster)
"Very good, well written & acted" (Tadcaster)

"Really enjoyed performance" (Tadcaster)
"Singing very good. Characters very good" (Tadcaster)
"Wonderful production. Great actors suiting each character. Well done" (Bingley)
"Very good production" (Oswaldtwistle)
"Thoroughly enjoyed performance" (Pickering)
"Very good" (Pickering)
"Great play" (Whitby)
"Brilliant" (Whitby) 


Anorak of Fire (July 2009)
"Spot on performance" (Buxton)
"Outstanding" (Buxton)
"Very good and very well delivered - excellent" (Buxton)
"Absolutely brilliant" (Buxton)
"Excellent performance" (Buxton)
"Very witty and well performed" (Buxton)
"Great play, good laugh" (Buxton)
"Excellent!" (Buxton)
"First class, funny, plenty of verbal, great stuff" (Glossop)
"Very lively & entertaining, thought provoking & very well written & performed" (Leeds)
"Very enjoyable" (Leeds)
"Brilliant - really enjoyed it" (Heywood)
"Very well done - amusing" (Hebden Bridge)


Standby on Stage Please! (July 2009)
"It was very well done & thought out. Both actors were very good" (Buxton)
"Poignant production, we all know Suzi, brilliantly executed, loved the final OTT bow. Well done" (Buxton)
"Lots of fun, well acted and sounded as if the writer was writing from experience!" (Buxton)
"Both actors were great" (Buxton)



George, Don't Do That (May/July 2009)
"Thank you Planet Rabbit for a most enjoyable & entertaining evening. The late Joyce Grenfell, a well loved entertainer, was successfully brought into our midst. Thank you again" (Gilberdyke)
"Extremely entertaining" (Gilberdyke)
"Very enjoyable evening" (Gilberdyke)

"What a lovely evening, well done" (Gilberdyke)
"So rewarding & helpful to see these much loved monologues done so professionally. Very enjoyable" (Buxton)
"Very enjoyable, thank you" (Buxton)
"Brill!" (Buxton)
"Excellent" (Buxton)
"Very enjoyable" (Buxton)
"Very enjoyable, good fun" (Buxton)


Groping for Words (September 2008)
"Fabulous, very funny" (Tadcaster)
"A really professional performance, excellent acting" (Tadcaster)
"Very enjoyable" (Halifax)
"Very humorous and well directed. Very interested in future productions (Pickering)
"Excellent. Very involving" (Pickering)
"A good play with great actors" (Lytham St Annes)
"Well staged, brilliantly acted, entertaining evening. Thank you" (Glossop)
"Absolutely brilliant" (Baildon)
"A very enjoyable and powerful play" (Baildon)
"Wish more professional companies would tour to venues this size" (Baildon)
"Great, thank you, really enjoyed it" (Slaithwaite)
"Superb" (Slaithwaite)
"Very well presented. Good, humorous" (Slaithwaite)
"Fantastic, well presented and very funny" (Pateley Bridge)
"Wonderful, very well acted" (Hutton Rudby)
"Really very good indeed. Excellent play, well acted & most enjoyable" (Hutton Rudby)
"A most enjoyable evening, please come again" (Whitby)
"Absolutely brilliant. Rarely go to theatre, would go a lot more if it was so well produced & acted as this" (Cherry Burton)
"Excellent acting, entertaining and amusing" (Hebden Bridge)
"Funny and moving performance" (Burley-in-Wharfedale)
"Excellent evening, well done" (North Ferriby)
"Thoroughly enjoyed it, all the emotions" (North Ferriby)
"Thoroughly enjoyable" (Gainsborough)
"Brilliant" (Grimsby) 


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